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- Sexed female hybrid chicks.  1 days old - £8.50 -  Sold out for 2018.  Please contact us as we may have various unsexed pure breed chicks available.


Sexed hybrid chicks from Easter onwards on a pre-order basis and occasionally we may have some spares available for sale.  Prices vary but are generally £8.50 per chick but these are vaccinated for Mareks and guaranteed female.  Occasionally a male may slip through but we will always take them back should this be the case.

To buy chicks from us you will need to be set up to take care of them.  We can supply you with all the equipment and information you need and ongoing advice if needed.  All chicks will be sent home with a care guide, but read the notes at the bottom of the page for a quick guide for what you will need.

 hybrid chicks - 0315a 

Chick Preparation

Before buying chicks you will need to have set up and ready:

- A predator secure, draft free place for them to live.  We sell indoor rabbit cages which are ideal, or you can create something similar at home.

- Heat source for the first 6-8 weeks - Ideally an electric hen which provides a natural type of rearing heat for the chicks as well as being very low wattage and safe to use inside.  Heat lamps with a minimum 150 watt infra red bulb can also be used, ideally we do not advise a white light which is stressful for the growing chicks and they don't get used to the darkness.

- Chick feeder and drinker.  Chicks like to have a swim and will often drown in drinkers so ensure it has a narrow lip or fill it with large, washed stones.

- Age appropriate chick feed and chick grit.

- An old towel or anti slip surface for the base of the living area for the first few days. This is important as a slippery surface can result in slipped tendons or splayed legs.

- Dust free, clean bedding for use after the first few days.

A full care sheet will be sent home with all chicks we sell.

We sell complete 'chick kits' in the shop or can supply you with just the items you need - Please see our Online Shop for details of kits.



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