Smite Ready to Use - 750ml

£ 6.50 each


Smite Professional Ready to Use Spray is a highly efficient cleaner and disinfectant for getting rid of mites in animal housing.

Smite is a powerful biocidal disinfectant, killing micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. It is a highly efficient cleaner, getting rid of organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive, and it works as a super degreasant, removing build-up of waxes and faecal deposits.

Smite Ready To Use Disinfectant should be used with Smite Organic Powder for the effective treatment of red mite. Wear suitable protective clothing when using, and please use in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.

Our Tip: To treat red mite, clean out and empty your hen house taking care to burn or place bedding in a sealed bag to prevent the further spread of any mites.  Spray the inside of the house with Smite liquid, thoroughly soaking the woodwork.  Leave the house to dry and then coat the inside of the house with diatomaceous earth based louse powder (such as Smite Louse Powder) to kill any mites missed with the spray.  Repeat every 5 days to get on top of the infestation.